gallery San Juan National Forest

The last day of our trip we decided to drive further north towards Silverton. Anything to escape the heat. We drove all the way to Andrews Lake. It was still a bit to hot up at 10,745 feet. The lake had not been stocked yet for the year and we weren’t sure how bad the winter kill was, but we spent and hour or so fishing. We were optimistic, because I got a serious aggressive hit on my line just with my second cast. However, even after an hour of fishing, we were catching nothing. We drove back down to Haviland lake and basically clean up on trout. We knew we needed to fish over by the damn and we knew exactly what spinners to use. Bam. We spent about 2 hours fishing and catching fish with every cast. The trout were aggressively attacking our spinners. It was so much fun and everyone else around us were getting increasingly frustrated because they were catching nothing. Lugging power bait out and sinking it deep will get you nothing early in the season. The fish are basically after anything super bright and fluffy this time of year. We caught our limit quickly and were trying to figure out what to do with the fish. Luckily there was a large family at the lake that took our fish. Awesome.



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