gallery Beaver Creek Trail

Took us two trips, but we managed to ski the entire 6.5 miles of the Beaver Creek Trail. It is a gorgeous cross-country ski trail even when it is all pitted up from moose! Our first trip we started from North Fork and skied 5 miles downhill. Coming back up was a little rough. You don’t realize how much downhill there is until you have to ski uphill. The second trip we started from Yellow Pine and skied uphill past where we had stopped on our first trip. Connecting these two trails, the full length is about 6.5 miles one-way. I would suggest starting at Yellow Pine and skiing uphill, so your return trip will be slightly downhill. The trail is supposedly maintained as a cross-country trail, but it wasn’t groomed at all. We actually appreciate that, because all the cross-country skiers were angry and just left. We had less people on the trail because it was all choppy and messed up. With our backcountry gear, we don’t have a problem skiing ungroomed trails.









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