gallery Goblin Valley State Park

On Saturday, we decided to drive to Goblin Valley State Park. The drive was absolutely gorgeous. When we got to the park, we were super excited about all the exploring and hiking we’d be able to do. Unfortunately our excitement was soon replaced with anger and frustration. The main parking lot was full by the time we got there and we had to park off road. Sign number one of bad things to come. I was totally confused, because as we were parking, we saw kids and pets and families running around, climbing on all the hoodoo rocks. OK, maybe they weren’t climbing around the actual hoodoo rocks. We made it the trail to find out there was a big race going on at the same time. Fine OK, that explains the number of cars. Trying to avoid the mass of people we quickly headed into the valley hoping to get away from people, but our anger and confusion just got worse. We couldn’t find any trail and at first we tried to follow the markings for the race thinking we just needed to stay out of the runner’s way. Wrong. The race trail just wandered in any ol’ direction. By this point we just about had it. As we were looking across the valley with all the hoodoo rocks, all we saw were people climbing on everything, no distinct trail anywhere to be found, and a landscape being completely destroyed. Don’t understand why people were upset a few years ago when someone pushed over a rock. The destruction going on when we were there wasn’t any better. I lost my temper when I saw someone smoking and threw their cigarette butt on the ground. We left and drove straight back to Capitol Reef. We hiked along Grand Wash Trail and just enjoyed the natural beauty around. No dogs. No smoking. No destruction of nature. It was a great hike.

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