gallery Lofty Lake Loop


Boom another new trail in the bucket! How did we never hike this trail before? The trail was easy to follow but a vigorous climb up the lakes. As suggested, hike the loop in the counterclockwise direction, get the climbing bit over quickly.

The first part of the trail was through dense forest until you got to Scout lake. A surprisingly large lake, but don’t stop there as it’s right next to the Scout camp and 100s of scouts. From Scout lake, the trail begins to really climb across big rocks and gravely terrain. There’s a ton of great switchbacks right before you get to the basin where Lofty lake is located. Although small, Lofty lake is gorgeous and perfectly situated. After Lofty lake you start a steep, but short descent with sweeping views. This is where you can easily see Cutthroat lake. No trails officially to this lake, but there seemed like a way to scramble down. There was a lone hiker down at the lake, so I know it can be done. On your way to Kamas lake you go between beautiful meadows and steep descents. Of all the lakes, Kamas lake was probably the “ugliest” lake, but it was huge and a great place to visit. All three lakes were teeming with fish and that’s all I really care about with lakes. After Kamas lake you hike another quick but really steep descent and realize that counterclockwise is the way to hike this loop. Lastly, and probably the coolest part of the hike, is seeing the meadow that is literally the beginning of Weber river!!!

It is not quite Labor day and we already have strong signs of autumn. The trees have started turning, even the aspen along Mirror Lake highway. Very exciting. Hopefully the autumn colors last longer than two weeks this year.

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