gallery Bloods Lake


WARNING UNSURE IF THIS TRAIL INVOLVES TRESPASSING OR NOT! We needed to get out of the house and explore a bit. I’ve never driven along Guardsman Pass Rd. and there are a ton of trails! We decided to drive up to the pass and just wander around the trails. One easy trail is from the top of the pass down to Bloods Lake. It is only 0.55 miles to the lake from the pass. There were a ton of people on the trail with kids and pets, but halfway along the trail there was a barely visible, high up in a tree sign that said “Private Property. No Trespassing.” However, it seems like no one was paying attention to the sign. I feel bad that we just followed everyone’s lead and ignored the sign just to check out the lake, but we didn’t stay long because the mosquitos were slightly more annoying than we could handle.  We were also trying to avoid getting caught in a thunderstorm that was looming over our heads. Although the trail was short, it was beautiful. The wildflowers are going to soon be in FULL bloom in the Wasatch and we can’t wait!!

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