gallery Naturalist Basin


An uneventful glorious backpacking trip! On Thursday, someone slipped and fell while fly fishing and basically couldn’t move for two days afterwards. We were suppose to go backpacking with a good friend Friday and Saturday but unfortunately had to cancel, because being able to touch your toes and squat are important movements for backpacking. By Monday, things were feeling better, so we decided to take the opportunity and go on our own backpacking trip. Hiking to Naturalist Basin in the Uintas has been on our bucket list, but everyone says that it’s a nightmare hike with all the people. We hoped that by leaving Monday, we’d avoid the crowds. Oh we avoided the crowds! We saw a small scout group headed to a lake no where near Naturalist Basin and then three small groups returning from Naturalist Basin. For the most part, we had the trail entirely to ourselves and by the time we got up to Jordan Lake, there was no one to be seen or heard. We had the whole place to ourselves.

The hiking was easy. The weather was perfect. And again, people complain about mosquitos, but we’ve never had a problem with them in the Uintas. Although I get the sense that our tolerance for mosquitos may be rather different than most. Our idea of intolerable mosquitos is like our trip in Big Sur, CA where you were eating mosquitos any time you opened your mouth and you HAD to have someone with you while you went to the bathroom, because the moment you exposed ANY skin it was covered in a thick layer. We ate our meals in the tent and got really personal swatting bugs away while each went to the bathroom (good spouse bonding!).

The highlight of the trip was ALL the brook trout we got to see. Ryan was going nuts looking for trout. I think we’re addicted. Great trip and glad this is another one off our bucket list.

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