gallery Adam’s Canyon Waterfall


Today was all about false starts and bad beginnings. I’ve hit a very persistent road block in my neuroimaging work and instead of throwing the computer out of our second story apartment, we went for a hike. Hiking is therapy. Ryan picked out a trail, Steed Creek Trail, in Farmington. Well the road to the trailhead was completely closed, so we went down the road a bit to another trailhead and tried to hike from there. We were able to park the car, but the trail, Triumph Trail, wasn’t so much a trail but a death wish. We decided to walk along the Bonneville Shoreline to find Steed Creek Trail, only to be disappointed because it wasn’t so much a trail but weeds shoulder-high! We abandoned the whole area and tried yet another trail we knew existed and was popular, Adam’s Canyon Waterfall. Third time was a charm.

This trail started out on a sandy hill with lots of switchbacks. After a bit, you do make it in a very lush and shaded canyon. The rest of the hike followed a very loud and very powerful mountain river. This trail took us forever to hike, because there was a lot of scrambling and climbing around rocks and scary ledges. Even though it was only a few miles, we walked those miles carefully up and down. It was a relaxing trip, very cold in the mountain next to the water even though it was 90F in the valley. To see the waterfall at the end, we had to get in the river and get our legs wet. It was worth it.

Once we got home and looked at our GPS tracks we found out that (1) Triumph Trail doesn’t actually exist, (2) we never actually found Steed Creek Trail, and (3) you can easily get discouraged and / or seriously lost in the mountains of Utah! In the end, just keep hiking and enjoy the moment, not the destination.

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