gallery Lambs Canyon Pass


Based on some online reviews, people made us think this hike was going to be rather boring and dumb, but those people are silly! Not many places in Utah you can hike through old growth aspen forest where the entire hike is 100% shaded. Nice feature on a sunny, hot day. Apparently a dense aspen grove with trees taller than the evergreens doesn’t make for one of the best views in the world! I was in heaven on this hike. I hugged more than one tree. Besides the trees, we were totally distracted by all the undergrowth flowers and plants and mushrooms and we have never heard so many birds in the canopy as we did here. There were woodpeckers and our favorite, Swainson’s Thrush, plus dozens and dozens of other birds we didn’t recognize. We hiked slow just to savor the moment. It was beautiful and fantastic and lo and behold the view from the pass was awesome and totally worth the trip. At the pass, you look over into Mill Creek Canyon and down the canyon into Salt Lake. So happy we took this new trail and had a new adventure!

Here are a couple of reviews we found about this hike:

I thought this hike was just OK. It’s a pretty trail with a number of short switchbacks but I was expecting more when I got to the saddle. The view into the valley is alright, not as impressive as some of the other hikes around. The sign at the trailhead said the distance was 1.5 miles to the saddle but my GPS said it was 2 miles. I was glad I did it but I probably won’t do it again. I only passed a few people on the trail so it’s a nice, isolated area. The incline on the first mile is steady but easily doable. The second mile is a bit steeper but still doable. This would be a good one for trail running. It’s pretty smooth the whole way, no big rocks to trip over.

Nice shady hike through dense wooded area. Not much view to speak of until you reach the saddle, and then it’s a mediocre view.

A bit hard for children, but nice. No great views but peaceful. Moose are easy to see, but we didn’t.

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