gallery Big Spring Hollow

It has been 11 years, almost precisely to the day, since Ryan and I had photos officially taken of us. We had our engagement photos taken at Temple Square in December 2004. Because one of our friends is a professional photographer, we thought we should get some new pictures of us. I think we haven’t bothered the last few years, because it feels silly to get family photos when it is just Ryan and I. However, since we are never going to have kids, we need to get over feeling silly. We’ll just have to deal with the weird remarks about, “Are you getting your engagement photos?” You never know what can happen in life and photos are often the only biographical material people leave behind. We are lucky that we have access to phones with cameras, so we can constantly take photos, but sometimes it is nice to have a decent family photo taken when we aren’t wearing sunglasses. After our photo session, we got to go snowshoeing up Big Spring Hollow. The area is just so fantastic and we loved seeing our bald eagle friend hanging out in the trees. The last few years the snow pack has been dismal, but there is definitely lots of fluffy white snow up there now!

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