gallery Mill Creek Canyon

Oh my goodness it was a cold, dreary, and humid day! I had never been snowshoeing in Mill Creek Canyon and with our yearly pass, we can go up there as much as we want. It was pretty awesome. The road turns into nordic skiing at some point, so you don’t “technically” need snowshoes, but it is a pain in the buns trying to walk in fluffy snow. I also would feel bad about making huge divots in the snow for the cross-country skiers. It is a 5 mile one-way trip and we did only about half. We were frozen from head to toe, literally! My hair was frozen solid and I had icicles forming on my eyelashes. Great trail. Always a pleasure to be outside. I just wish there was a way you didn’t feel like you were walking through a dog toilet for the first mile on the trail (yellow snow and dog poop as far as the eye could see!). On our way home we stopped at Walmart to pick up some junk towels. Ryan has spent the Christmas break cleaning up our fishing gear and getting prepared for fishing season to start again. Incorrigible, but we both are!

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