gallery Logan Pass & Avalanche Lake


With all the road construction, we avoided heading up to Logan Pass until Sunday. We drove the western side of the Continental Divide to Logan Pass. Parked our car and used the shuttle system to take us down the eastern side. We had zero plans for today and decided to just start hiking and exploring. Our short hike to Avalanche ended up being a longer hike than we anticipated. It was an awesome trail, very very dense log pine forest with moss and everything. After our hike we headed back up to Logan pass thinking we might try to hike out to Hidden Lake. The plump of smoke from a new wildfire made it look super scary and dangerous. Unfortunately, we didn’t spend much time at Logan Pass. We headed back down to our campsite, which was completely engulfed in smoke, packed up, and drove to a hotel in Great Falls. We missed out on another night camping, but are glad we made the decision since the Thompson Fire is now the largest fire still burning in Glacier this year (over 15,000 acres burned to date).

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