gallery Two Medicine Lake


Camping is really getting too vogue. We had some “lovely” neighbors that brought only a cooler of beer and decided to order pizza from the local gas station and don’t forget the microwaveable popcorn too. What makes this worse is that the campsite consisted of 8 college-aged girls from Ogden, UT. I just about lost it when they HAD, I MEAN HAD, to watch their TV show that evening. After this trip, I’m starting a list of what is NOT camping.

Camping definitely does not consist of doing any of the following:

  1. Skyping your family and giving them a tour of your “sweet” pad
  2. Ordering pizza or any food for that matter
  3. DirectTV or any digital media you brought with you
  4. Being excited that you have cellular signal
  5. Videotaping it taking you 30+ minutes to put up your tent, editing your video on a brand new Macbook and then SPENDING THE NIGHT IN A HOTEL BECAUSE YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS “CHILLY”
  6. Purchasing thousands of dollars of new equipment that does not actually prepare you for the weather / conditions
  7. Running laps around the campsite in your shorty shorts talking about trying to make negative splits
  8. Videotaping eating huckleberries like you just found them deep in the wilderness (especially if you spent the night in a hotel and not the tent)
  9. Complaining that you didn’t bring enough beer and they won’t sell you any because it is a state holiday
  10. VAPING

We drove up to the Two Medicine lake area (now closed because of a HUGE wildfire) and hiked along the south shore trail. Didn’t see a lot of stuff. The only thing to do in Glacier is hike and it’s nice because you can easily get in a lot of distance. Just don’t forget your bear spray.

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