gallery Red Pine Lake

A backpacking trip to always remember! We’ve hiked up to Red Pine Lake several times before, never backpacked. We joined up with a great group of friends and did the trip as a single overnight. It has been boiling hot in the valley (100ºF or warmer), but as soon as we hit the trail and started climbing, the temperature got really pleasant. This was our first backpacking trip of the season and I’m always a little apprehensive about how “in-shape” I am to lug a 30 – 35 lbs. bag up a mountain. Not a problem. Probably helped that I ditched my older Osprey Ariel pack for a newer Osprey Aura AG pack. I could never get the Ariel to sit comfortably and carrying the weight always ended in bruises all across my collar bones. Love my new pack (named Pineapple) and I hope I will be able to put in hundreds of miles with it. Ryan’s pack is now named laranja (Orange in Portuguese). The 3.7 mile trail with 2,200 feet elevation gain was absolutely no problem for us. We got to hike, enjoy the scenery, and relish in the fact that we weren’t boiling hot in 100ºF weather. The wild flowers have just started to come out, but the few we saw were great. Ryan and I were on moose hunt the entire trip, but alas we never saw one.

Once we set up tent (our tent is now named Banana) around Red Pine Lake, we took a small stroll around the lake. The rest of our group was hiking up later, so we had a lot of time to kill. As evening progressed, more and more and more backpackers kept strolling in. Although we had many people around, our campsite was fairly quiet and peaceful. Besides having a ton of fun hiking up to the lake, we really enjoyed just hanging out in camp, listening to every chat.

It was a perfect night of sleep. We all slept like logs. In the morning, Ryan and I ended up heading down the mountain early. We foolishly did not bring nearly enough food to eat and I was about to dive into the lake and start chasing after some fish for breakfast (yeh we also foolishly decided to not bring fishing poles either). The rest of the group hiked up to Upper Red Pine Lake and to the ridge beyond. Ryan and I are totally going to have to do that one day soon too. As a side note, I sewed Ryan’s shirt using spandex fabric from JoAnn’s and am happy the whole shirt did not fall apart at the seams. We also saved the day in the morning, fishing Scarlet (some hiking poles) from the lake. We will cherish this trip forever.


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